The dream machine is fiction science story, about a regular man with a special gift – his dreams becoming true while he dream them. Although some people might think its good thing, this man, who is called George Or, is afraid his special power.

George knows he has no control about what he dreaming of, and start's using drugs, to avoid dreaming.

The plot begins when George is arrested, in advance future society after using his drugs. George is being sent to psychological hospital, for his illegal drugs and tells part of his story to his caretaker. After connecting George to machine, his care-taker is able to control George dreams, and change the world.

That book gives the reader a lot of ideological question about the right to change life on earth, and about the possibility of utopic world.

During the book's pilot, George gets known with a lawyer, who supposed to help George escape the illegal experience, and they are falling in love.

Each time the world has been changed, she has changed to. It created George a lot of difficulties – in many worlds, she wasn't exist, or existed as an different person.  He had to love all of her versions, including worlds where she didn't known him,  and worlds where they were in different, complicated relationship.

Even many people claim they are can't understand fiction science, I'm shore after reading this kind of book almost all of them will understand the opportunity the fiction science gives us to create and think about lots of fateful situations and ideological questions.

I recommend everyone to read that book. It helped me to earn a new point of view about our ability to change the world, and the impossibility of the definition of death and murder. I believe reading Ursula's books helps readers to gain new perspective about the world.